E-mail template to approach venues

Here’s a template based on an e-mail I’ve used successfully to secure a venue at a reduced rate. Feel free to use this as a starting point and tailor it for your needs if you haven’t lined up a venue for your event yet.


Good morning.

We are searching for a venue for our charity event and were hoping you could help. The event is part of the Hafla for Humanity (www.haflaforhumanity.com) global fundraiser, and this year we’re raising money to support the International Rescue Committee’s work to provide food and medical care for the people of war-torn Yemen.

We’d be happy to take a less popular time, like a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and we don’t have a lot of special set up needs other than the usual light and sound. Do you have anything available before May 31 that you might be willing to donate or at least offer at a discount? Specifically, we’re hoping for one of these dates: [list your preferred dates]

Thanks for taking the time to look at your schedule and we hope to hear back from you!


After we heard back from our venue about availability, we asked them whether they were able to donate the space or offer charity pricing. We were able to get a large event space on a Sunday afternoon slot (perfect for pro dancers who often can’t attend haflas on weekend nights) for $25/hour. Hopefully, you’ll be as successful!

NOTE: If your venue needs proof that you’re fundraising for a nonprofit in order to offer you a reduced rate, you can download one at this link.