How to Maximize Donations at Your Event

People who’ve already paid for a ticket to a charity show are often willing to make more donations throughout the night, if you remind them why the funds are needed and make it easy for them to give. Here are some ideas that have worked for other organizers.

Have your emcee talk about the charity periodically during the event. If you have the technology to show a video clip, you might choose a brief one from the IRC website about their work in Yemen to share. I’ll be putting together some images and quotes that you can either print and post around your venue or project as a slideshow during intermission.

If you have a silent auction, encourage people to bid generously and remind them that all the proceeds are benefitting the charity. Pump the silent auction every 20 minutes or so throughout the evening.

You might want to pass a basket and ask for cash donations for the charity — or better yet, have some of your performers dance around the audience with a pot, jug, or basket to collect cash donations.

You could set up a tablet or laptop with a wifi connection and pull up our donation page ( for people who want to make a donation with a credit card. Help them make the donation, and add your event city in the comment field so we know it came from you.

Keep a running commentary throughout the evening of how much you’ve raised so far. Let people know that you are excited by the way your community is pulling together — let them know they’re appreciated and help them feel great about what they’re accomplishing.

If anyone wants to give you a check, have them make it out to you, so you can deposit it and forward the funds to the IRC. The other option is to have them make it out the IRC and then you can mail it to them by snail mail (if that happens, e-mail and I’ll get you the info to send it so it gets credited properly).

After your event

Follow up after the event, on your own social media and also on the event page, with the donation link ( so people who couldn’t make it to the event can still contribute to the charity. Ask them to mention your city or event name in the comment field so their donation will be included in your total.