What is Hafla for Humanity?

Hafla for Humanity is a global network of bellydancers joining together to give back to the communities that enrich our lives with their music and dance.

  • H4H organizers  in more than 30 cities around the world raised over $22,000 for the International Rescue Committee‘s work with Syrian refugees in our first year (2015)
  • Last year, we raised more than $8700 for the Amar Foundation‘s work with Yazidi women and girls escaping ISIS.

Local events in 2017 will take place on or before September 21 (the United Nations’ International Day of Peace).

Get Involved


any time before Thursday, September 21 (the United Nation’s Day of International Peace). Your event can take place any time before that date, as early as you’d like, but we can’t register events after that date.

Looking for local events to attend?  Sign up for our e-mail list and  stay tuned on Facebook for more details.

This Year’s Charity

Watch this space! I am setting up our 2017 charity now.

2017 Haflas

Watch this space for an event near you — or a Hafla for Humanity in your community!